Brad Paisley is relishing his guy time on the American Saturday Night tour, performing with opening acts Dierks Bentley and Jimmy Wayne.

"There's lots of testosterone on the tour, which I've found is a lot like camp," Brad tells CMT. "We're sneaking into Jimmy's bus at night, sticking his hand in warm water and seeing if he'll pee the bunk."

Jimmy may have been the only target so far, but their other tourmate should watch out. "I've got to do something to Dierks," Brad insists. "Here's the thing -- I have people saying, 'Don't you have a life?' It's hilarious."

Brad's current tour is a stark contrast to last year's summer trek, which featured opening acts Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler. "The last tour, you couldn't find a women's restroom that was vacant," he jokes. "This tour, there's no one in the women's restrooms!"

Still, Brad has nothing but praise for his former tourmates, especially Taylor. "It's a very healthy thing to see someone like Taylor knock any of us out of any position," he admits. "She is operating at a level I will never reach -- in the groundbreaking way that she has taken a new audience and said, 'I'm a country music singer.' And they love it."

Brad thinks even the older, more traditional artists owe a lot to the teenager. "The job of country music is to appeal to people on a level that's personal," he says. "Any time you can make personal, appealing music for a whole new demographic that traditionally wasn't listening to what we're doing ... I know I have new fans, thanks to Taylor Swift."

Be sure to tune into GAC this weekend to watch Brad, Alison Krauss and Charley Pride perform for President Obama and a room full of inquisitive kids. 'Country at the White House' airs Aug. 15 at 9:00 PM ET on GAC.