Even stars aren't immune to unsolicited parental advice, especially when it comes to naming their kids. Just ask Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly -- the proud parents to two-year-old William Huckleberry and four-month-old Jasper Warren.

"My wife had a dream that we had a little boy and named him Jasper. This was before she was pregnant," Brad tells the Boot of their infant son's unique moniker. "When we found out it was a boy, we toyed with that idea all the way until we were in the hospital. Then after he was born, we started running it up the flagpole and in spite of what the flagpoles thought, we did it!"

Though far too loving and polite to openly object, Brad and Kimberly's parents tried to gently steer them toward a new name when the couple announced the newborn would be called Jasper.

"When we picked William as the first name of Huck -- which by the way no one calls him -- that was such a strong and classic name, of course they said, 'We love it!'" Brad recalls. "But we didn't tell them the middle name and then we said, 'By the way, Huckleberry is the middle name.' They wanted to kill us. This time we tried it out and it was like, 'Oh, Jasper? OK, let me think about that.' Each set of parents had the same kind of reaction: We said it and they said, 'Well, what about ... ? Have you thought about the name ... ' and they [suggested] another name, like it was up for discussion! But anyway, I love it because I don't know any Jaspers."

Brad and Kimberly honored both of their families with their sons' names. "The name Warren was my grandpa's and William was the name we picked in honor of Kim's family name which is Williams," Brad tells the Boot of his baby's middle name and oldest son's first name. "I came to find out later that it was my grandfather Warren's dad's name. I didn't know his dad. His name was William. After I named Huck, I found that out, but I've always wanted to get Warren in on one of these, so I got it this time. My wife wouldn't go for it for a first name. She said it sounded too much like an accountant."

Brad says Huck enjoys being a big brother. "He's doing great. He's excited about him and as he gets a little older, it's getting better too."

Still nothing gets Huck quite as excited as the bulldozer on the family's Franklin, Tenn. farm. "The bulldozer is the best! We'll fire it up, and he sits in my lap. We just push some rocks or dirt around, and he loves every bit of it," Brad says. "A two-year-old loves little toy bulldozers and trucks, but to be that age and sitting in your dad's lap on an actual bulldozer, he loves it. And he knows how to run it now because it's hand joy stick controlled. The left one does forward, reverse and all that, and then the right one raises and lowers the bucket. It's just hilarious. I'll have someone here and I'll say, 'Watch this -- Go forward!' and he pushes it forward and raises the bucket. He's so intense in his face when he's doing it. It's so funny."