Brad Paisley has something to say, and he's enlisted a heavy hitter to help him say it. Collaborating with rock legend John Fogerty, Paisley delivers "Love and War," the title track for his 11th and newest studio album -- and it packs a punch.

The music video for "Love and War," which Paisley shared on Friday (April 21), was shot in and around San Diego, Calif., a busy military hub. Paisley intends to use the clip to raise awareness about the treatment that veterans receive and, above all, to offer some respect to the heroes that have served the United States. When sharing the music video to Facebook, Paisley called the song "one of the more important things I've ever said."

"I'm so honored to say it with John Fogerty," Paisley adds.

The lyrics of "Love and War" send an unwavering message: "They call 'em decorated heroes / And pin some medals on their chest / Give 'em a tiny little pension / Could we do much less?" Paisley and Fogerty deliver those lines in a fiery, energetic call to action, and a truckload of solid musical talent.

"And they say all is fair in love and war / But that ain't true, it's wrong," Fogerty and Paisley sing in the chorus of "Love and War," driving home the reality of veterans' troubles. "They ship you out to die for us / Forget about you when you're done." 

In addition to his collaboration with Fogerty, Love and War also finds Paisley working with Mick Jagger, Timbaland and Bill Anderson; the song “Gold All Over the Ground” also features Johnny Cash as a co-writer.

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