A very distinctive voice joins Brad Paisley on the reissue of his hit single 'Waitin' On A Woman.' Andy Griffith, who stars in the song's video, has recorded the tune with Paisley, who doesn't try to hide his delight in working with the acting legend.

"Andy is my very favorite actor from my very favorite television show. What a thrill it was to meet him and be in the video with him," Paisley tells The Boot.
"Andy heard the song and wanted to commit to working the long hours necessary to get the video right, and he really adopted this music video as if it was his own."

Paisley admits that Griffith is a role model for him in how he is raising his own son, Huck. The country star goes on to say, "I can write a list, a really long list of the iconic older actors that could play this part, and list them in order in terms of who would be my perfect choice. Andy was first on that list. I didn't have to go any deeper than that ... and there is no one close."

Paisley points out that the song's wise older gentleman whose boundless patience for the lady in his life definitely defines another dimension of what love is all about. "The old man in the video represents wisdom and the romance of life. How much closer can you get to that than Andy Griffith?" He adds that it doesn't get more romantic than "going on to the great hereafter and sitting on bench in the middle of nowhere in Heaven, waiting on a woman."

The song 'Waitin' on a Woman' first appeared on Paisley's 'Time Well Wasted' album, but it never was released as a single. The new version of Paisley's recording can only be found on the newest pressings of his current '5th Gear' CD.

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