Brad PaisleyNashville was buzzing this week with the announcement of details about Brad Paisley's upcoming H2O tour, which kicks off May 21 in Virginia Beach, Va. Brad has taken to his Twitter page to further outline a few of the unique things the trek will offer.

"Let me give y'all a brief rundown of what we're going for in this H2O tour," Brad tweets. "First of all, why it starts at 4 PM? We're setting up a water world plaza with fishing and Corvette race simulator, dunking booth for radio DJ's, and a separate water world plaza stage featuring Easton Corbin, Steel Magnolia and Josh Thompson. They start at 5. They are all tremendous."

Music will start on the main stage at 7:30 pm, with Justin Moore and Darius Rucker opening and Brad headlining.

"And wait til you see the set and effects," Brad teases. "It's all meant to feel like summer and water. I want you to be able to hop off your boat or outta your pool and go right to our show. Like you're on vacation. I wanna give you way more than just your money's worth. I want you to forget this crappy winter."

Sponsors helping Brad pull the wet and wild spectacle include Chevy, Sea Ray Boats and Skinny Water. Brad's also teaming up with Hope Through Healing Hands. "We'll be raising money for clean water ... or um, H2O," he says.

Brad will also include a Corvette driving simulator, allowing fans to test the latest Corvette ZR1 series -- racing against virtual Brad to win a meet-and-greet with the real Brad. "If they can beat me, they can meet me," says the superstar.

"All of this is true," Brad added, concluding the lengthy tweet. "I know it's not normal for me to be serious on here, but I wanted to describe it all myself. I really can't wait. Thank you for listening ... We now return you to my regularly scheduled smart-ass tweets."