Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood have responded to a copyright infringement lawsuit over their 2011 hit, 'Remind Me.'

Songwriter Amy Bowen filed the suit in May of 2013, claiming the song -- which appeared on Paisley's 'This Is Country Music' album -- was lifted from one of her own compositions.

Bowen, who is known professionally as Lizza Connor, says she wrote a song called 'Remind Me' in 2008, which she later played as part of a 14-week songwriting workshop. The class included a panel of several professional songwriters, including Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois, who are co-writers of the No. 1 hit along with Paisley.

Bowen's complaint alleges she played the song as part of a critique session, and was told it would work well as a duet. Her filing claims that although there are substantial differences in the two songs, the repeated phrase "remind me" and the rise and fall in intonation are similar enough to constitute infringement.

In addition to Paisley, Underwood and the songwriters, the suit names producer Frank Rogers, Sea Gayle Music, EMI April Music and Sony Music Entertainment as defendants. Bowen is asking for $10 million.

In December of 2013, a judge in Nashville ruled that the case had enough merit to go to trial.

Now Paisley and Underwood have fired back. “Defendants (Paisley and Underwood) deny any wrongful conduct, omissions, infringement or any other activities alleged by Plaintiff in this District or elsewhere or that they are liable to the Plaintiff for any claims," the latest filing reads (quote via Taste of Country).

DuBois has also responded with a countersuit. According to Radar Online, he alleges that participants in the clinic signed a consent agreement in which they basically surrendered their rights to sue for copyright infringement for songs they played during the workshop. He claims Bowen broke that contract, and is asking her to pay for damages.

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