Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood made magic together with their 2011 hit 'Remind Me,' from Paisley's 'This is Country Music' album. But now, it seems the pair could be making depositions together instead, thanks to a lawsuit filed by songwriter Amy Bowen, who claims the song was lifted from one of her own compositions.

Bowen, who is known professionally as Lizza Connor, says she wrote a song in 2008, also called 'Remind Me,' which she later played as part of a 14-week songwriting workshop. The class included a panel of several professional songwriters, including Kelley Lovelace and Chris DuBois, who, along with Paisley, are co-writers of his own No. 1 hit.

According to Bowen, she played the song as part of a critique session, and was told it would work well as a duet. So when a song by the same name, written by Lovelace and DuBois, became a huge hit for Paisley, she filed a lawsuit, alleging the song was ripped off from her earlier tune.

On Tuesday (Dec. 3), federal court judge Aleta Trauger in Nashville ruled that the case had merit and was allowed to proceed to trial, issuing the following explanation (quote via the Hollywood Reporter):

"As Bowen points out, in both recordings, (1) the phrase 'Remind me' is often followed by the partner phrase 'Baby, remind me,' which essentially echoes the hook; (2) the hooks are repeated in close proximity and with similar intonation – higher the second time than the first; (3) the hooks rise in pitch from 're-' to '-mind' and descend in pitch from 're-' to '-mind,'; and (4) the syllable 're-' crosses two tones and the syllable '-me' crosses at least three tones.'"

While the only similarity between the two songs appears to be the words "remind me" and "baby, remind me," there is enough evidence for the case to proceed, although it does not mean anyone has been accused of any wrongdoing so far.

No word on when the trial will occur. Bowen is reportedly seeking in excess of $10 million.

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