No one loves a good joke more than Brad Paisley. His sense of humor shows up not only on stage (practical jokes on unsuspecting opening acts), but also in his songs ('Ticks,' 'Me Neither,' 'I'm Still a Guy') and music videos ('Celebrity,' 'Water').

Now an anonymous video producer (identified only as "Bobblehead Brad") has turned the tables with a hilarious music video spoofing Brad's own music video 'Water,' using a Brad lookalike in the form of -- naturally -- a bobblehead. [Watch the video below.]

Bobblehead Brad keeps the familiar water theme throughout this video, including showing off Brad''s macho physique by swinging from a rope bare-chested over a lake, running through a sprinkler, floating on an inner-tube, interacting with a dolphin, being attacked by a rubber shark, and the big payoff -- a synchronized swimming routine with a bevy of beautiful human female swimmers and some real Barbie Dolls.

Brad was obviously impressed, sending out a tweet reading: "I have no idea who did this but it's awesome. Good job whoever you are. You're hired."

In addition to the laughs, the video is serving a charitable purpose -- to benefit the 2010 Water=Hope campaign to promote safe drinking water. "I hope you enjoyed my Water' video," Bobblehead Brad writes on his website. "My friends and I sure had a blast making it. You know most of us don't think much about our water. We turn on a tap and have instant access to safe and clean fresh water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and even for playing. But this doesn't happen in many parts of the world. In fact around the globe, one out of every seven people lack access to safe drinking water. So if this video has brought a smile your way, why not help others and join the Water=Hope Campaign or text H2O to 25383 to donate $10 for clean water initiatives at home and across the globe. Water = hope. It's as simple as that. Thanks for helping out and spreading the word."

To check out Brad's original 'Water' video click here.

Brad's H2O tour will wind up in Tulsa, Okla. on November 20. For tour dates, click here.