Romance is the theme of Brad Paisley's newest music video, "Beat This Summer." A lovers' ferris wheel ride, winning stuffed animals from a carnival game and a candlelit dinner are just a few of the date activities depicted in the clip. Granted, this couple toasts with milk and downs Oreos, seeing as they're not quite teenagers.

The 40-year-old country star offers this fictionalized flashback for the tune, which follows a pre-teen version of himself meeting, wooing and winning his first summer love. The precious pair take full advantage of their time together as they frolic on the beach, shop for souvenirs on the pier and laugh on the carousel.

Unfortunately, as it oftentimes goes with summer romances, the pair are pulled apart by the inevitable -- a parent saying it's time to go home. But even though their courtship is over, it made a big impact on at least one-half of this short-lived love. Though absent for the majority of the clip, Brad appears near the end of the tale, to make the transition from boy to man.