Blake SheltonIn recent months, Blake Shelton has been creating quite a buzz with his Twitter page, where he has no shame in teasing fans, friends and even enemies, especially the animal rights organization PETA. But Blake says don't hold it against him -- he's just speaking his mind and encourages other country artists to do the same.

"It's puzzled me why country artists have to be so politically correct," Blake tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. "I mean, I'm not a politician. If I'm going to sing about drinking and raising hell, then you have to know deep down inside that's what I do. I'm just more open about it lately, and it's amazing the reaction to that. People either love me or hate me, but it's the first time they are noticing which is awesome for me."

In his latest video, 'Hillbilly Bone,' a duet with Trace Adkins, Blake proves his point by not having to do too much acting in his role.

"They asked me to drink out of a bottle and really look like a redneck," he says. "I think I went through three bottles of wine on my own. I was pretty drunk by the end!"