Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are thought to be in the middle of planning their wedding, but according to Blake, his work is already done.

"The only thing I had a hand in is in the music," he tells E! News. The lovebirds chose Neal McCoy to sing at their reception, which Blake calls 'a no-brainer.' "We were at a concert this summer and watched him and we both looked at each other, high-fived and said, 'There's our guy,'" he recalls. "And then we said, 'Whatever it takes to get him there, we're going to get him there.'"

The rest of the decisions for the big day will be left to his future bride, and not one but two wedding planners, something he doesn't have a problem with. "That's a good thing!" he admits.

One thing the couple haven't settled on yet is their honeymoon destination. "I'm not lying, we still don't know what we're going to do," he admits. "We can't decide. We haven't made any plans."

The future husband and wife may not have much time to glance at travel brochures. Miranda is busy on the road with her Revolution tour, while Blake will be performing all over the country for the next few months with shows in Texas, South Dakota and a performance on the Opry stage in March. See his entire schedule here.