While Miranda Lambert and fiancé Blake Shelton are hard at work planning their wedding, Ronnie Dunn and Reba McEntire have different plans. It's out with the venison menu and in with the Elvis impersonators!

"We were out with [Blake and Miranda] in Vegas about six months ago with Reba and [her husband] Narvel [Blackstock] at dinner," Ronnie tells Seattle radio station KMPS. "Reba and I were feeling pretty good, and we were egging them on. We were going to take them to one of those little wedding chapels!"

So did they really get to the couple? "They were ready to do it," Ronnie adds. "Honestly! Narvel [who is Blake's manager] thought we should probably stop it ... but they were ready to go. They were gonna do it!"

It's no surprise that Reba was nagging Blake and Miranda. The country icon told The Boot last month that she was ready for the couple to tie the knot. "I'm excited," Reba said of the upcoming Lambert-Shelton wedding. "I really do have a maternal relationship with Blake, so I'm looking forward to it."

Vegas dreams aside, she now seems content with the planned location. "This is going to be, I'm sure, in Texas. I don't know, though," she added. "It's going to be a very different wedding, but I'm looking forward to it. Anything to do with Blake and Miranda is always a lot of fun."

KMPS also asked Ronnie about his new solo single, 'Bleed Red,' and why he chose the direction the new song is going. "We were looking for something non-stop that was just a little bit of a left turn and this one came along at the last minute," he explains. "This one was written by Tommy Lee James, who used to be in the band [for Brooks & Dunn]. He said, 'Give it a listen before you run over to the label.' I did and I laughed, 'You need to get this to U2 and give it to Bono.' We went in the studio and I pretened I was Ronnie Dunn singing to a U2 track. And that's how it came out."

In addition, Garth Brooks evidently had some advice for Ronnie's new solo career. "He said, 'I'm really proud of you for doing what you're doing,'" Ronnie reveals. "'Do good songs and treat people nice and the business will take care of you.'"

Listen to Ronnie's full KMPS interview here.


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