Southern rock band Blackberry Smoke have announced plans to release a new album. The five-man group will release 'Holding All the Roses' on Feb. 2 in Europe and Feb. 10 in the United States.

The Georgia-based band says the new set of tunes is the perfect follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2012 album 'The Whippoorwill.'

“I think that this record does a really good job of conveying what we do and what we’re about,” lead singer Charlie Starr says (quote via “People who enjoyed the ride of 'The Whippoorwill,' and the way those songs flowed, these are more up and down.”

Blackberry Smoke released 'The Whippoorwill' on Zac Brown's Southern Ground record label, but Starr says they've been forced to find a new label home for the upcoming project.

"Unfortunately, no fault of Zac Brown‘s, but Southern Ground Artists just sort of dissolved," he tells The Boot. "It just happens. I won’t speak for Zac, but I’d imagine that he’s disappointed -- not in himself, but you know, the marketplace is tough, and he had a very pure vision as far as the bands that he signed. It’s just tough. That’s a hard row to hoe, right there."

'Holding All the Roses,' which will be released on Rounder Records, coincides with a cross-country tour Blackberry Smoke plan on taking next year. See a complete list of current tour dates here, and find a track listing for 'Holding All the Roses' below.

Blackberry Smoke, 'Holding All The Roses' Track Listing:

1. 'Let Me Help You (Find the Door)'
2. 'Holding All the Roses'
3. 'Living in the Song'
4. 'Rock and Roll Again'
5. 'Woman in the Moon'
6. 'Too High'
7. 'Wish in One Hand'
8. 'Randolph County Farewell'
9. 'Payback’s a Bitch'
10. 'Lay It All on Me'
11. 'No Way Back to Eden'
12. 'Fire in the Hole'