Billy Dean is set to co-star in the upcoming made-for-TV movie, 'Decision' with four-time Dove Award-winning singer Natalie Grant. The faith-based film, shot in Kingston Springs, Tenn., just outside Nashville, is scheduled to air in early 2011.

This won't be the first acting role for Billy, who co-starred with Crystal Bernard in the 1999 TV movie, 'A Face to Kill' and with Dolly Parton in 'Blue Valley Songbird' that same year.

In 'Decision,' Billy plays the role of Natalie's fireman-husband, who is killed in a car accident after falling asleep at the wheel, plunging his wife into hard times as she is left to raise their teenage son alone.

"It's a great story about parenting and faith, about when you reach the age of being a teenager," Billy says in the current issue of Country Weekly. "Ultimately, you have all the basics your parents have given you, and at some point you have to start making decisions in your life. It's about that transitional period from when your parents make you do things and punish you when you don't, to taking ownership and responsibility for your own life and making the smart decisions based on your upbringing."

According to the 'If There Hadn't Been You' singer, the biggest challenge in playing the role of a firefighter in this film was ... his hair!

"I play a fireman and my hair was too long ... I couldn't cut my hair [for the role] because I was getting ready to do some other music appearances, so I had to keep sticking it all under my fireman helmet somehow!"

Billy is currently touring with Kenny Rogers, with upcoming dates in Topeka, Kan. on April 1, Sioux Falls, S.D. on April 2 and Des Moines, Iowa on April 3.