Grammy winner Billy Dean will return later this month with his first studio album in almost four years when A Man of Good Fortune is released on Sept. 25 on Rainman Records.

In 2009, Billy took a break from the recording studio to develop Billy Dean Music Group (BDMG), his own publishing and production company. He continued to tour regularly, and also stayed busy writing songs, penning 7 of the 10 tracks on the new project.

"Music has deeply enriched my life," says the singer-songwriter. "My fans have waited patiently for this new release because they know this one is for them. It's because of my fans and their support that I've spent most of my life on a musical journey and that's why I truly feel like 'A Man of Good Fortune.'"

Beginning in 1990, with "Only Here for a Little While" and the ACM-winning Song of the Year "Somewhere in My Broken Heart," Billy scored an impressive string of 7 consecutive Top 10 hits, reaching the Top 10 four more times, the most recent being "Let Them Be Little," in 2004. Four of his albums, including a greatest-hits collection, have been certified gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Assoc. of America). He has released four studio albums on BDMG, including a tribute to America's family farms, Earning Our Place on Earth, through his partnership with Naturipe, and a tribute to truck drivers, For Those Who Move America, through his work with Averitt Cares for Kids. In 2000, he sang harmony vocals alongside Alison Krauss on Kenny Rogers' rendition of "Buy Me a Rose," which earned a Grammy.

Perhaps the new album's title is a nod to the year Billy has had thus far. In early 2012, a barn on Billy's "Dean Acres" property in Liberty, Tenn., 60 miles east of Nashville was destroyed in a fire. But in late March, he celebrated his 50th birthday there with a special event on the multipurpose property. For more information about the bed-and-breakfast and other features available to guests at Dean Acres, click here.

A Man of Good Fortune track listing:

1. "I Can't Leave"

2. "A Seed"

3. "Middle of Nowhere"

4. "Dear John"

5. "All the Difference in the World"

6. "I Don't Need As Much Hell to Raise"

7. "Crazy Beautiful"

8. "Imagine What I'd Do"

9. "Made For You And I"

10. "Laura Nadine"