Billy Currington has a stalker who has been watching him through a telescope and a pair of binoculars for the last six months. How does he know this? Because the stalker walked straight up to his door and told him so. In a series of about a dozen tweets the singer chronicled the up-close and personal encounter with the loquacious stalker.

"He says hey man u can come to my house anytime u want to and i say hey bro wtf. ? he say he got 3 boats and i reallyyy wanna take you fishn," Billy recounted via his Twitter page.

"He said u see that house over there bro ?? the one thats alll lit up ?? thats mine man ! i see you over here every day!" he continued.

The rest of the tweets further illustrate Billy's stalker really pushing to hang out, "fire one up," and of course go fishing. Although we can understand why the man is starstruck, there are certainly better ways to keep up with the country star that don't involve crossing personal boundaries. The Boot "stalked" Billy when he was on Kenny Chesney's 'Goin Coastal' tour. [Check out the video below.]

Watch On the Road With Billy Currington

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