Billy Currington took a page out of the books of George Strait, Jimmy Buffett and a handful of other artists by spending a little time in the Florida Keys to record his new album, 'Enjoy Yourself' -- and he took that advice himself when he wasn't working. In fact, Billy admits it was sometimes hard for him to go into the studio after spending time soaking up the sunshine.

"We started the album in Nashville, and then I was told that there was this studio in Key West, Fla., that became available for recording the vocals," Billy tells The Boot. "I've heard about this studio, people like George Strait going down there and Alan Jackson, and so I took the opportunity, and it was a blessing. The tropics, anywhere down there in those kinds of areas, it works for me personally. It lays me back, and I really enjoy it. So, when I get in that spot, I think that's the best time to work, and it worked out for me. I would go from the beach straight into the studio and then back to the beach. It was different, something that I've never done before. I would definitely do it that way again. It was very comfortable and enjoyable."

Billy hits stores with 'Enjoy Yourself,' today (September 21), and he hits the road in Portland, Ore., on Friday (September 25) as the opening act on the fall leg of Carrie Underwood's Play On Tour. Check out the tour dates here.