Big & Rich have released a music video for their latest single, "Run Away With You," and they called on a real-life couple to star as the main characters in the clip's love story.

The duo invited two fans -- who also happen to be a couple -- to "run away" to a show in Myrtle Beach, S.C., with the catch that a film crew would follow the couple on their journey from Nashville, though the mountains and to the beaches of the Palmetto State.

"We were wanting this video to be a real special experience for a couple fans," Big Kenny says in a press release. "This is their journey! They found LOVE -- and their trip ended with a Big & Rich-style throw down at the beach! Fun stuff all around. How cool is THAT?!"

The video, which was directed by Lloyd Norman, shows the couple at different points along their journey, from their departure from Nashville to a diner stop and a hike in the mountains, eventually ending up on stage at the Big & Rich concert.

"Having two real-life Big & Rich fans who really are in love to star in this video is one of the coolest things I've ever seen," John Rich says. "It was incredible to watch their journey and have them end up with us on stage dancing to "Run Away With You!" Love it!"

Rich co-wrote "Run Away With You" with Michael Ray. The track is the second single from the duo's fifth studio album, Gravity, which is their first album to be released on their own Big & Rich Records.

“This is an exciting and intense time in the history of Big & Rich,” Big Kenny says. “As artists, we are now at the place where we can finally gain complete creative control. That’s huge. It allows us to be true to ourselves and be the trailblazers we’ve always risked being.”

Gravity is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.