Big & Rich have released a new song, "Run Away With You." The tune is the second single from their 2014 Gravity album.

The song, written by duo member John Rich along with Michael Ray, shows off the pair's sensitive side. Lines like, “I just wanna run, I just want to run away with you / And live wide open / Set 'em on fire, crazy like we used to / It don’t matter where we’re going / Up on a mountain, down by the beach side / Till we find the love that we fell into / Hey, I just wanna run, I just want to run away with you,” display a different, softer side of Big & Rich, which is exactly what they were hoping to achieve with this latest record.

“This is an exciting and intense time in the history of Big & Rich,” says Rich's bandmate Big Kenny. “As artists, we are now at the place where we can finally gain complete creative control. That’s huge. It allows us to be true to ourselves and be the trailblazers we’ve always risked being.”

Gravity is the duo's fifth studio album, but it's the first to be released on their own Big & Rich Records.

“We couldn’t be happier with how the fans and radio are responding to our new music,” Rich says. “To take on the challenge of being your own label and slugging it out with the majors is a gambler’s move, but BK and I are happy to just let it all ride.”

Download "Run Away With You" on iTunes.