The Band Perry's Kimberly, Reid and Neil have produced something quite unique with their cover of Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls,' a song from the iconic rockers' 1978 'Jazz' album. As part of Billboard's Mashup Mondays series, the trio truly transformed the song.

The Band Perry's ultra-countrified take on the tune gently weaves the delectable harmonies of the three siblings and the strumming of the strings -- a minimalist take on the anthemic rock ditty that somehow makes the naughty song much more subtle. Leave it to the golden-locked sweetheart and her gentlemen brothers to make the playful hit about a precocious lad on the hunt for fanny-licious women sound almost ... innocent?

The country sensations, up for four trophies at next week's CMA Awards, are not far removed from the rock genre. "The very first song I learned to play on the electric guitar was 'Back in Black' by AC/DC," Kimberly told us.

Will they, will they, rock you? Watch below -- both the Band Perry and Queen -- and judge for yourself!

Watch the Band Perry Cover 'Fat Bottomed Girls'

Watch Queen Perform 'Fat Bottomed Girls'