Ashton Shepherd is offering fans a glimpse of her life back home in Leroy, Alabama, in a brand-new video for her latest single, 'Look It Up.' The clip was shot on location at Ashton's home and at the beloved 'Pickin' Shed' on her property where she picks, sings and writes most of her songs. This acoustic performance video gives fans a little different take on the song from the original feisty, funny clip where Ashton takes her cheating man to task by selling off all of his belongings in a garage sale. She's glad fans are getting to see her in a more personal, intimate setting as well.

"The label [Universal Music Group], from the beginning, has wanted to capture where I'm from," Ashton tells The Boot. "Who I am as a person and what me and my husband do at home kind of gives the audience a little piece of our life and who we are. Not just the music that we play or seeing us at the big flashy shows all the time, but us at home as real people. It's just about making people feel at home and feel comfortable and relate. It's something we're proud of and people have really seemed to respond well to it, so we thought why not elaborate on it."

World Premiere of Ashton's 'Look It Up' Acoustic Video
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For Ashton, another bonus to the clip was being right there in her own backyard, instead of on a set somewhere far from home. "We did a lot of family interviews during the day, too. It was nice weather, and it was just really cool the way it all happened."

'Look It Up' is striking a chord with women everywhere, and Ashton says as the tune continues to gain airplay and move up the charts, she's noticing it becoming quite an anthem at her shows.

"People are singing it now like it's a huge, huge record -- and it's at No. 18 on the charts!" the songbird exclaims. "We're going, 'Wow, geez Louise, if we could just get this thing in the Top 5 this would just be unreal, the response.' It causes a riot when I play it, all the ladies just go nuts!"

While the send-him-packing cheating song definitely packs a wallop of attitude, Ashton says it's really all in fun, and she's definitely not a man-hater, she's just playing a role in a song. "I think there are men like that in some places, and then again I'm not a man-bashing kind of person. I've been happily married for six years, and everybody's been through something in their life that's made them feel hurt or maybe deceived or whatever. There's so many people who've gone through not very good situations, and sometimes you just need a song like that to just pick you up out of it, especially if you're going through the hurting part. You need something that makes you feel sassy and like you're just pulling on through it. It's really not a mad song, it's almost like I sing it with a smile ... because I really am 'over it' in that character."

Ashton's new CD, 'Where Country Grows,' hits stores July 12.

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