Congratulations to Ashton Shepherd, her husband Roland Cunningham and 5-year-old son James, who just went from a trio to a quartet! Raden Delilah Cunningham was born today in Demopolis, Ala. The baby girl is said to be happy and healthy at 7 lbs, 7 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long.

There's no word yet on which parent Raden looks like, but Ashton hopes she acts like her mama. "I told my husband, 'That won't be so bad, will it, if she's a lot like me?' I kinda calmed down at an early age, so let's hope she's a little more like me than like him -- he was a little bit wilder than I was!" the songbird tells The Boot with a laugh. "I see mannerisms of my husband in my little boy, James, but James is just like me in his speech, his mannerisms, his thoughts -- him being a deep thinker and wanting to explain himself too much and overanalyze too much. Roland says, 'It's like having two of you around all the time!' So if this little girl is like me, too, he's really going to be overloaded!"

Ashton never really let pregnancy slow her down, as the 'Where Country Grows' singer kept touring and promoting her sophomore album through almost all of the nine months. "I really carry a nice energy," she told The Boot back in July. "Plus, it's really nice to be out and be expecting, and telling people about it ... it almost gives me a secondary drive that I didn't have. My drive now is through the roof!"

Read our full interview with Ashton here.

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