Ashton Shepherd is one web savvy gal -- and a great actress to boot! The country songbird has a new site where fans can magically direct her 'Look It Up' video. Your role is to tell her what to do to the cheater -- smack him, throw a drink on him -- whatever sort of pain you want her to inflict, she'll do it! Just click here and type in what you want her to do to the philandering fella.

'Look It Up' is the fastest-rising single of the Alabama native's career. She says she's elated by all of the positive feedback she's gotten from fans about it. "If I heard this come on the radio, I would like whoever was singing it, just because they were able to say, 'Look it up.' It's endearing," Ashton tells The Boot. "I think people like it for that and because it's easy to sing to and it lightens you up. There's a lot of people who go through these cheating divorces and even if it's just a bad divorce, period, there's so many people who are looking for a way to be over it for a minute. And you know what, that's their few minutes they can be over it."

'Look It Up' is the first single from Ashton's sophomore album, 'Where Country Grows,' due in stores July 12. The official 'Look It Up' video, by the way, is The Boot's No. 1 choice for Top Videos of 2011 (So Far). See which other country clips made our countdown here.

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