As "American Idol" producers continue to seek replacements for Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, country names keep popping up. While the Brad Paisley rumors continue to swirl and the Toby Keith rumors are put to rest, fellow country superstar Reba McEntire says you won't be seeing her behind the judges' table any time soon.

"I don't think I'd be able to critique somebody. I don't speak too hard -- that's against my nature," Reba told CMT Radio (quote via Taste of Country). "I like to play somebody else's character, like on 'Malibu Country' and the 'Reba' show."

Speaking of which, the redhead is thrilled about the upcoming debut of her new sitcom. "I love the whole concept of it: moving from Nashville to L.A., which I did in 2001 when we did the 'Reba' TV show," Reba tells "Entertainment Tonight."

Another plus is the chance to work with actress Lily Tomlin, who plays Reba's mother on the show. "She's brilliant," the superstar says. "I've seen her on Broadway, watched all her movies, saw her on "Laugh In" ... Getting to work with her is a dream come true. We all feel that way on the set."

'Malibu Country' premieres Nov. 2 on ABC.

Watch Reba Talk About 'Malibu Country'

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