Zac Brown has a practical reason for wearing his trademark beanie. As the Georgia-bred country rocker told Detroit radio station 99.5 WYCD, he hates the feeling of cold air blowing through his ears.

"When you're a singer, you have to nurse yourself and make sure you don't get a cold," Zac said on Saturday (Aug. 20), just before taking the stage at Ford Field.

Zac, whose eponymous band is touring this summer with Kenny Chesney, doesn't care much for hot air, either -- as in people discussing his fashion choices.

"I'll tell you one thing: If I'm wearing something, it's because I want to, and not because I give a s--- about what anybody else thinks about it," he quipped to WYCD deejays Coop and Steve Grunwald, following his statement with a hearty laugh.

The chatter about the ZBB frontman's headwear came after Coop and Grunwald asked, "What's up with the hat?" relaying a question submitted by a fan via Twitter. Shifting the focus from clothing to music, another WYCD listener wanted to know how long Zac has been making music.

"I started singing when I could talk, and I've been singing ever since," the seven-time chart-topper said, admitting that he sometimes drove his siblings crazy.

Another fan inquired about what type of beer Zac and the guys prefer to drink on the tour bus. The 'Knee Deep' singer enjoys Land Shark, Terrapin, and Fat Tire -- unless he's on a diet. When he needs to shed a few pounds, he'll switch to the low-cal Michelob Ultra.

Zac also has an appetite for good food, and while in the Motor City, the noted cooking enthusiast and former restaurateur whipped up some grub with friend Guy Fieri, of the Food Network fame.

Asked what his favorite meals are to prepare, the singer/songwriter explained that touring doesn't leave him with much time for culinary pursuits. He recently made cream-cheese muffin icing with his daughters, but most of the time, because he's only off the road for a day or two, his wife cooks for him.

"I know I've been home enough when I start cooking," Zac said. "But it doesn't happen very often."

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