The Zac Brown Band are sharing another single, "Loving You Easy," from their upcoming Jekyll + Hyde album.

The song, written by Zac Brown along with Niko Moon and Al Anderson, is part of their eclectic new record, which also includes their current single, "Heavy Is the Head," as well as "Homegrown." "Homegrown" was the most-added song on country radio when it was released in January, making it the band's eighth No. 1 hit, and "Heavy Is the Head," which features Chris Cornell, has earned a Top 5 spot on the rock chart.

“I think you’ve got the best of what people would expect from our other records, and we’ve even gone deeper down the rabbit hole on some songs to make new music and new avenues,” Brown explains. ”We always push the boundaries on the styles we put on a record. On our last record, we had a straight R&B song. We’ve gone further on this album, where we have a Big Band song, kind of a Sinatra-type song; we have a couple songs that have electronic music on them. We’ve got a couple rock songs, maybe a little heavier than what we’ve done. So the title Jekyll + Hyde really covers the breadth of the record.”

The Georgia-based group has also shared "Dress Blues" from the record. The song was written by Jason Isbell, for his 2007 Sirens of the Ditch album.

“Every record we do, we do one song we didn’t write,” Brown explains. “It floored me. I just wanted to show the world this song, do it our way, and I arranged a version of "Taps" in the middle of the song. I’ve been to military funerals, and when they played "Taps," it just killed me."

Jekyll + Hyde will be released on April 28. Pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes.

Listen to the Zac Brown Band, "Loving You Easy":

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