Swoon-worthy vocalist Yola (formerly known as Yola Carter) knows how to get her groove on. The collection of songs she assembled for a playlist for The Boot includes the classic blues and Motown influences that you might expect from the soulful singer, of course, along with some surprising musical twists.

Yola tells The Boot that she finds inspiration in a wide variety of perspectives, and feels a connection to the lyrics of different generations. From country star Kacey Musgraves to soul master Al Green, the artist finds meaning and joy in throwbacks and recent hits alike.

“I chose "The Ghetto" by the Staple Singers, because I’m feeling a need to hear odes to the poor," Yola tells The Boot. "Music is starting to move inexorably towards the rich and their tales of faux woe and dead-eyed smiles. Sometimes a girl needs a break from unabashed privilege."

The British singer-songwriter adds "Slow Burn" by Musgraves to her playlist for both its sound and the power that Musgraves brings to her music. “That melody is just too beautiful, so ethereal," Yola reflects. "She’s just a right-on woman, too. I’m on board with all that good energy.”

In the music of Aaron Lee Tasjan, Yola says that she finds a mirror: "This guy has pitched a tent in my mind, and he’s reading my thoughts back to me," she shares.

"This song describes what it's like to call the 'ivory tower of misery,' where neglect of love and life is accelerated by success," Yola says of Tasjan's "The Rest Is Yet to Come," which is on her playlist. "Every decision I make in my creative life must in some way tend to a life full of love and kindness.”

Yola's playlist also includes some feel-good music in addition to the more contemplative pieces. “I chose "Voodoo Dreams" by Les Baxter because it’s just too damn sexy!" she says. "If someone puts that music on past 8PM, it’s the classy version of putting on Al Green ... We’ve all been Al Green’d by someone right?”

Press play below for Yola's complete playlist. It's an eclectic mix that will make you think, feel and, unless you're dead, get up and dance.

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