As one of the biggest country stars of all time, Dolly Parton's music and personality have influenced many fans' lives -- including those of Americana group Yarn. The band is revealing "Sweet Dolly," an ode to everyone's favorite queen of country music, exclusively on The Boot.

"Sweet Dolly" shows off the idealism of a child through the vocal craft of a professional. The mid-tempo song features lead singer Blake Christiana remembering what it was like to see Parton on television for the very first time; the experience was, in one word, magical.

"When I was just a child, I saw her for the first time," he sings, citing Parton's "voice like an angel" and her rhinestone suit. He recalls how his father turned up the volume on the television and how, just like that, he fell in love.

"I'm in love / With the country queen," the chorus goes. "Can't get her out of my head / Can't get her out of my dreams / My sweet Dolly."

Christiana's wife was the one who dreamed up the topic of "Sweet Dolly;" he admits that he "thought that was a pretty good idea."

"By the time we got to the studio with it, we had everything written but the bridge, and it really needed that other section. It wound up being the first song we cut during these sessions, and the bridge just wrote itself instantly as we started playing the song in the studio," Christiana tells The Boot. "Love the audience's reaction to this song; it's more relatable than I even imagined."

"Sweet Dolly" is from Yarn's forthcoming record, This Is the Year, which will drop on May 27. The project is inspired by troubadours such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard and discusses "sometimes" skirting the rules, making tough choices, uncertain futures and re-evaluating relationships.

"We were dealing with real-life issues: broken relationships, a sense of having to regroup and put some things -- and people -- behind us," Christiana explains. Yarn wrote This Is the Year with tensions running high and a move from Brooklyn to North Carolina adding to the uncertainty; they actually scrapped one album and wrote another one.

"The new songs became kind of a catharsis. Nothing was contrived. We didn't have to relate to it in the third person. We were living these circumstances, and that gave us the impetus and inspiration to share our sentiments," Christiana continues. "Ultimately, those setbacks and difficulties led to new opportunities and allowed a little light to shine through."

The 12-track disc is available for pre-order on iTunes. For information on tour dates and more, visit

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