Rumors have been circulating for the past few months that Wynonna has a new beau in her life. CMT's Hazel Smith put the rumor to rest when the flame-haired songstress visited her kitchen this week.

"I had to ask about what I'd been hearing about her and Highway 101 drummer Cactus Moser," the 'Southern Fried Flicks' hostess dishes on her blog. "Don't run around telling the preacher and everybody, but I got the skinny straight from Wy in my kitchen over country-style steak and gravy, Sunday potatoes, green beans, ambrosia and peach cobbler. 'Now, Wy, rumor has it Cactus Moser kissed you square in the mouth onstage in Arizona,' I said."

"'Not a rumor. Right here,' she smiled, pointing at her lips. "We've been together 18 months.' So you heard it here, and it ain't no rumor!"

The Highway 101 drummer, who also happens to be Julianne Hough's drummer, was once a session player in Los Angeles for Johnny Rivers, Firefall and several other contemporary Christian rock artists.

"I have loved Highway 101 since working with them in the 1980s," Wynonna gushes [quote via Christian Music Daily]. "Their music is timeless. I am a fan, and you will be, too!"

Highway 101 released their DVD, 'Christmas on Highway 101,' with a special appearance by Wynonna, last November.

Wynonna and mom Naomi are currently on tour. Their new reality show, 'The Judds,' is set to premiere on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network on April 10.

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