Country up-and-comer Cam is easy to spot in a crowd: In addition to her gorgeous curly hair, the the "Mayday" singer is nearly always wearing something in her favorite color, yellow -- and she's happy it's become a trademark of sorts for her.

"That’s my positive, friendly color," Cam explains to The Boot and other reporters. "I’m from California, and I get to bring my sunshine with me everywhere I go.

"It’s also a little bit against that thing where girls, as they were coming out, everyone had super-windblown hair and heavy eye make up and stuff," she continues. "Yellow’s more like, I’m not trying to be this sexy vixen or anything, obviously. I’m a very friendly person, and I literally do just want to be your friend. I think all of that is wrapped up in yellow. It seems to work. I like being in it."

Cam's penchant for the sunny color has caught on with her fan base as well.

"Fans give me yellow things, and I think now what’s really fun is, when anyone sees yellow now, they’ll think of me," she says. "Now it’s kind of like this self-fulfilling prophecy: Yellow things come to me."

Although Cam is crazy about all things yellow, as she prepares for her upcoming wedding to fiance Adam Weaver, the 31-year-old says that not everything on their big day will be focused on the bright hue.

"Yellow will be in places, but it’s not going to be overwhelming," the singer reveals. "The idea is, it’s meant to be our day, not my day."

Cam will spend her summer on the road with Dierks Bentley, on Bentley's Somewhere on a Beach Tour. A list of all of her upcoming shows is available on her website.