It's going to be a busy summer for Cam: In addition to serving as an opening act on Dierks Bentley's Somewhere on a Beach Tour, the singer is also planning her wedding.

Cam announced her engagement to Adam Weaver, a Nashville-based business broker and commercial real estate agent, in September.

"I’m excited about the fellow," Cam recently told The Boot and other reporters. "I’m really excited."

However, thanks in part to her recent success, Cam and Weaver have found themselves "trying to get [the wedding] in around a lot of stuff," and the logistics have proved to be a bit of a challenge.

"When you’re so consumed, when your art and your life are super intertwined like this, it’s really hard to put on the brakes for a second and be like, ‘Let’s focus on something else,'" Cam acknowledges. "You’re going so hard. You’re so entrenched in it. It’s hard to step aside for a second."

Cam, who has a penchant for always incorporating yellow into her attire, says that out of respect for her soon-to-be husband, the bright hue won't be the focus on their big day.

"Yellow will be in places, but it’s not going to be overwhelming," she hints. "The idea is, it’s meant to be our day, not my day."

The "Burning House" singer also will most likely wear a white wedding dress, not a yellow one.

"I like having it on me somewhere," Cam tells Taste of Country. "I think to have a full yellow wedding dress … you’ve become a character at that point. I’m still a person.”

Cam and Weaver's wedding date has yet to be announced.

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