Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen have released a new single, "Ladybug," from their collaborative album, Hold My Beer Vol. 1.

The song itself is simple: It outlines the difficulties of farming life, from the fear of droughts to the worry of coyotes and the burden of farm equipment that just won't work anymore. "Ladybug" is, through and through, a country song, pulling at listeners' emotions with descriptive lyrics and a great vocal offering from Bowen and Rogers.

"If it don't rain, it's gonna burn / Fence needs fixin', and the tractor won't turn," the pair sings in the tune. "There's a fox been creepin' 'round the hen house / Just like the tax man sniffin' around."

While those lyrics aren't necessarily the happiest lines we've heard, they make a sharp point: Life is hard, and sometimes, everyone needs just a little bit of luck, whether it's a four-leaf clover, a wishbone or a ladybug (a symbol of good fortune). The honest lyrics are a fair representation of the entirety of Hold My Beer Vol. 1.

“They sing country music,” John Edde, co-director of Bowen and Rogers' "Standards" music video, says. “They’re not trying to please radio, they’re just doing what’s true to them and true to their roots musically. Their music is something that strikes a chord with everyone. It’s not about pickup trucks and tan-legged girls. These are real songs about life, love, sadness. They’re about real stories.”

Rogers and Bowen are currently out on their Hold My Beer and Watch This Tour, which runs through Sept. 17, when it wraps up at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville.

“This is always my favorite time of year," Bowen admits. "Two buddies hangin’ out, playing music ’cause we love what we do. What could possibly be better?”

Download Hold My Beer, Vol. 1 on iTunes.

Listen to Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers, "Ladybug":

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