Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers' real-life friendship is on display in their humorous music video for "Standards."

The Texas natives have toured together for years and are releasing a collaborative album, Hold My Beer, Vol. 1on April 20. In anticipation of the album hitting shelves, the duo has released the new single and its corresponding clip.

"Standards" is an answer to anyone who may believe that Bowen and Rogers sold out when they left Texas for Nashville, telling the story of meeting with a record executive who wants them to record a song ("one about a dirt road") that is sure to be a hit. But when the song doesn't fit their style, they turn it down, hit or not.

"Tell me how can I sell out if I barely sell at all / You won’t see my name on the Billboard, but every night I pack the the dance floor," they sing. "There’s your answer / I don’t have hits, I've got standards.”

The video, shot both in Nashville and Austin, was directed by twin brother duo Matt and John Edde, who have also done work for Jon Pardi, Maddie & Tae, Hunter Hayes, Big & Rich, Brett Eldredge, Jamie Lynn Spears and more. The pair previously directed Rogers' videos for "Trouble Knows My Name" and "Satellite," but this clip marked their first time working with Bowen.

“I think that they are both such funny and awesome people individually," Matt Edde tells WideOpenCountry.com, "that when you get them together, the chemistry and authenticity of their friendship really translates on screen."

The brothers agree with the message that Bowen and Rogers are trying to get across with the song, and they say that the duo has definitely not sold out, which sets them apart from a lot of other country music on the radio.

"They sing country music,” John Edde says. "They’re not trying to please radio, they’re just doing what’s true to them and true to their roots musically. Their music is something that strikes a chord with everyone. It’s not about pickup trucks and tan-legged girls. These are real songs about life, love, sadness. They’re about real stories.”

Hold My Beer, Vol. 1 is available for pre-order via Amazon and iTunes.

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