After touring together for years, Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers are finally readying a joint album for release.

'Hold My Beer' is set for release on April 20, but select songs from the album are already available for download, including the honky-tonk tune 'Good Luck With That' and two live acoustic recordings.

The two artists have been hitting the road together on acoustic Hold My Beer and Watch This tours between performing separately at bigger tours and festivals. They started officially touring together seven years ago, but their history goes back even further.

“We met in San Marcos when Wade’s band had a gig in town,” Rogers tells the Dallas Observer. “I had a house there and a keg on that particular night, so after the show I invited him and his band over. I hosted these pickin’ parties for a bunch of us to sit around and play some songs for each other. I had just recorded [Rogers' 2002 debut album] ‘Like It Used to Be,’ and Wade listened to the whole thing that night and we pretty much became great friends from that point. Our bands were also around the same age and the timing was really good for all of us.”

The duo started working together as a way to give thanks to all the Texas venues where they've appeared over the years.

“We both like the idea of showing loyalty to the venues we played when we were getting started and for the people who supported us during that time,” Rogers says. “Our bands have outgrown the venues we played back then, so this is a great chance for us to play in rooms like Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, where I first started. It helps us to stay grounded and true in that sense.”

'Hold My Beer' is available for pre-order via BandCamp. Bowen also released a self-titled album last October, which is available for download here.

Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers, 'Hold My Beer' Track Listing:

1. 'In the Next Life'
2. 'I Had My Hopes Up High'
3. 'Til It Does'
4. 'Good Luck With That'
5. 'It’s Been a Great Afternoon'
6. 'I’ve Got Standards'
7. 'El Dorado'
8. 'Hangin’ Out in Bars'
9. 'Lady Bug'
10. 'Reasons to Quit'
11. 'Lost & Found' (Acoustic Bonus)
12. 'Trouble' (Acoustic Bonus)

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