After more than 30 years on a major record label, Vince Gill announced earlier this year he was going to be flying solo. The Oklahoma native, who began his career on RCA Records, spent more than two decades on MCA Records, before revealing in February that he was parting ways with the label. Vince insists the move was on the best of terms. In fact, he's planning on releasing another album for MCA.

"All that happened was my contract ran out," the country icon explains to The Boot. "I didn't leave the label. They didn't drop me. I'm going to do another record for them. They want me to still be there. It came out and looked like there was a big rift and there wasn't. It's just my contract of 23 years ran out."

There's no word yet on timing for Vince's final MCA record. But one thing is certain, he won't end his run with the label on a crossover note. The Country Music Hall of Famer, who previously referred to today's country music as "mind-numbing," hopes to instill in his fans a love for the music of his predecessors. "I miss the traditional element of it," he says. "I've been as big a proponent of the contemporary style of country music as anybody else, and I have the records to prove it. But I also have as many on the traditional side that show my love for that. I think both can exist, I just more and more see the evaporation of the traditional side."

While we wait for the next Vince Gill solo album, he's keeping the traditional country flowing as part of the Time Jumpers. The 11-member Western Swing group released their self-titled debut album last month -- a project Vince is proud to be a part of.

"People miss that kind of music," he says. "Also, these guys are the most savagely talented musicians, and that never goes out of style. There may be things that were popular that people are kind of dismissive of, or think it's too poppy or whatever. This is in the dirt, great old stuff. It's neat because all this band ever wanted to do was play in the clubs, old Western swing and great old country music like the shuffles Ray Price did in the '50s, because you don't hear it anymore. It's sad but true. So it's something that was born out of a love for missing something and a love of doing something that you love to do."

Purchase the Time Jumpers' new album here.

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