New Vince Gill music is coming soon: The singer-songwriter has announced his plans for a new album, Down to My Last Bad Habit, set for release in early 2016.

Gill wrote or co-wrote, co-produced and plays on all 12 of the album's tracks; a complete track listing is available below. One song, "My Favorite Movie," was co-written with Ashley Monroe, while "I'll Be Waiting for You" features Cam. The record's lead single, "Take Me Down," features Little Big Town and can be heard via NPR.

All of Gill's female collaborators should come as no surprise, as Gill says he's "been inspired as much or more by women artists."

“This Ashley Monroe kid, she writes songs like she’s 80 years old,” he says. “It’s remarkable, and it’s not dumbing it down. It’s not going for the lowest common denominator. It’s so refreshing, you know?”

Gill produced Monroe's newest album, The Blade.

“I love what she does …," he adds. "She writes great songs and sings like a bird — that’s all I ever have had much interest in musically, is that — so she epitomizes what I try to be and what I like and what I’m most drawn to."

Down to My Last Bad Habit will be Gill's first solo release since Guitar Slinger in 2011.

“Forty years into this, it’s still as much fun as it’s ever been to play music,” Gill says in a press release. “At the end of the day, what I get excited about is doing something I haven’t done before. When I record a song, I feel successful if I’ve accomplished something new."

Down to My Last Bad Habit is set for release on Feb. 12. It is available for pre-order through Gill's official store.

Vince Gill, Down to My Last Bad Habit Track Listing:

1. "Reasons for the Tears I Cry" (Vince Gill)
2. "Down to My Last Bad Habit" (Vince Gill, Al Anderson)
3. "Me And My Girl" (Vince Gill)
4. "Like My Daddy Did" (Vince Gill)
5. "Make You Feel Real Good" (Vince Gill)
6. "I Can’t Do This" (Vince Gill, Catt Gravitt, Brennen Hunt)
7. "My Favorite Movie" (Vince Gill, Ashley Monroe)
8. "One More Mistake I Made" (Vince Gill, Adrianne Duarte)
9. "Take Me Down" * (Vince Gill, Richard Marx, Jillian Jacqueline)
10. "I’ll Be Waiting for You" ** (Vince Gill, Leslie Satcher)
11. "When It’s Love" (Vince Gill, Richard Marx)
12. "Sad One Comin’ On (A Song for George Jones)" (Vince Gill)

* featuring Little Big Town
** featuring Cam

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