Vince GillVince Gill's T-shirt simply read 'Chet,' but it spoke volumes. As most fans who attended Vince's two-hour fan club breakfast and Q-and-A session Saturday in Nashville during CMA Music Fest likely realized, 'Chet' referred to legendary guitarist Chet Atkins, one of Vince's idols. But what the fans really wanted to discuss were all things Vince, including why his songs aren't played on contemporary country radio stations these days.

"There's no artist that this didn't happen to," Vince replied (quote via Nashville's Tennessean newspaper). "Not one. Well, maybe George Strait ... Anyway, people like different things. My grandfather said, 'If people all liked the same thing, everybody would be hitting on your grandma!'"

Just because fans might not hear Vince's songs on the radio much anymore doesn't mean he's not still in top musical form, as he showed when singing tunes including 'What You Give Away' and 'If I Die' -- a new song he co-wrote with Ashley Monroe. He told fans this year his musical projects have included producing an album for LeAnn Rimes, and collaborating with a host of other musicians including wife Amy Grant and friends Johnny Mathis and Jimmy Webb.

Vince also shared plenty of personal stories about his grandparents, driving lessons, and golf. The chat turned emotional when Vince discussed his vintage guitar collection, much of which was destroyed by the Nashville floods.

"Those are my picture books," Vince said before stopping to compose himself before continuing. "I'll be alright. I've bought four since the flood."

Vince also revealed that a guitar his dad owned, which Vince used to play the opening line of 'One More Last Chance,' was undamaged. He added that what truly helped him remain positive -- despite losing about 40 of his cherished instruments -- was his family.

"The flood was the weekend of [daughter] Jenny's wedding," Vince said. "I said, 'You can burn my house down, but you cannot take the joy of this weekend away from me.' That made losing all that stuff a whole lot easier."

Vince's next concert is scheduled for June 24 in Nashville.