Ty Brown, 'The Bachelorette' contestant who was booted from the show earlier this week, didn't find true love with Ali Fedotowsky, but he did find a new career opportunity. The Franklin, Tenn. native, who had dabbled in music while working full-time in medical sales prior to his appearance on the hit ABC reality show, now says he will devote all his time to his musical aspirations -- thanks, in part, to 'The Bachelorette.'

"On the second episode, I played the first verse and the chorus to this song ['Living in the Moment'] on the beach and got such a great response," he tells CMT. "So when I got back to Nashville, I reworked it with [songwriter] Dave Turnbull and we're so excited about the hype it's been getting now."

Ty, who was a natural in front of the 'Bachelorette' cameras, has a knack for entertaining. But now he's building his talent in another aspect of the music business. "My forte is performing," he explains. "But I've found out that when I can come up with song ideas, it's like wildfire."

While admittedly disappointed at being eliminated from the show, the 31-year old says he keeps it all in perspective. "Did I think Ali and I would hit it off and fall in love on 'The Bachelorette'? I don't know. Maybe I did," he says. "It was fun being on the show, but now it's an opportunity for me to follow my dreams. I was doing music before the show, but I just hadn't given it 150 percent."

Ty might even include his experience with Ali in one of his tunes. "If I did, it would be about the choices we make. And why we make the choices we make. Ali had a tough decision to make, and it looked like maybe she regretted her choice. So that would make a good song."

The still-single bachelor has posted several of his songs on his website.