Carrie Underwood's most recent singles, "Blown Away" and "Two Black Cadillacs," both have storylines that could easily be turned into movies.

"'Two Black Cadillacs' is so juicy that when you hear it, you see it playing out in front of you," Carrie told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "When I heard the song, and when I was recording it, it seemed like it was an automatic single. I knew it was a great song and would lend itself to a very dramatic video."

The song's accompanying video depicts the two women who were wronged meeting for the first time at the graveside service of the man they both loved. The question that runs throughout the video: which one of them finally had enough and did the guy in? The twist the video takes is exactly the kind of thing Carrie appreciates when a song becomes a visual presentation. (Watch the video below, along with a behind-the-scenes clip from the video shoot.)

"I love videos that take a different direction or have a plot twist," says the singer. "I don't want to just see what I hear. I want it to add something to the song, not just retell the story. I had the idea of what I wanted to do in my head, so when we started to plan this video, I met with the director and the other people who were involved, and we came up with the whole concept. I found out that the director and I were both big fans of the thing we modeled it after. It turned out great. We filmed it in the Nashville area, the day was very gloomy and rainy, which made it a perfect day for a video like this. And I will say, the killer is not who you expect it will be!"

Carrie notes that, thanks to the song, getting into the character of the woman who is wronged was easy for her. "The music sets the tone. It immediately takes you to a dark place. I'm thankful that the songs are about other people and I don't have to say 'me' or 'I' in them. I'm just telling a story, which makes it easier to get into that darker role."

Carrie explains that she and her "Two Black Cadillacs" co-writers, Hillary Lindsey and Josh Kear, wrote the song backwards. "We had the line 'two black Cadillacs,' and we talked about where you would see them. We decided it would be at a funeral. Then we had to figure out why there were two of them and what the two women would do when they saw each other. We also had to set the stage so the listener would know it was a wife and girlfriend there for the funeral of the man who had deceived them. It's a very cool image song and you can just see it play out in your head."

Carrie Underwood is set to perform on Sunday's (Feb. 10) Grammy Awards telecast, live from Los Angeles, at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.

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