Rising country rocker Tucker Beathard has released his second single, an electrifying, rebellious song titled "Momma and Jesus" that features sly guitars and raw lyrics.

Penned by Beathard along with co-writers Deric Ruttan and Jonathan Singleton, "Momma and Jesus" praises rabble-rousing antics as much as it confesses guilt for making momma (and Jesus!) worry. The song's lyrics tell the story of a lifetime spent breaking rules and pushing boundaries, both in the name of music and just for a good time.

"I’m gonna run out of road before I run out of tread / I find a line to cross every chance I get / If the wild runs out, if I ever settle down / Lord knows it ain’t no secret / It’s all about the grace of momma and Jesus," Beathard sings, leading into a chorus full of confidence and swagger that comes from knowing that the only people he truly needs forgiveness from are always going to give it: "So I’m gonna shoot this last light out / Get a little lost before I get found / I’m gonna burn this last one down and then turn it around / Before momma and Jesus run out of reasons / For not giving up on me."

"Momma and Jesus" is the second single off Beathard's Fight Like Hell EP. Along with being an adept guitar player, the singer's melodic influences come from a childhood spent playing the drums.

"I started playing drums when I was about two or three years old, and with this song, it’s like playing percussion, but on my guitar," says Beathard in an official press release for the new single, adding that song's narrative was largely inspired by his real-life mom. "In a lot of ways, I was a typical teenager, getting into trouble and doing things I shouldn’t, and I definitely pushed things a little too far a time or two. My mom raised and is still raising five kids, and it takes a strong woman to steer us all in the right direction."

Still, Beathard admits that his wayward and rebellious ways have only made him appreciate his mom all the more.

"I have so much respect for the job she’s done," he says. "I know at some point she probably wanted to ship me off to military school or something, but she stuck with me!"

"Momma and Jesus" follows Beathard's debut single, "Rock On," which inspired the 21-year-old's first-ever headlining tour. The Rock On College Tour will hit cities where Big Ten Conference football teams reside, including Ann Arbor, Mich.; Madison, Wis.; and Bloomington, Ind. Beathard's debut EP, Fight Life Hell was released on Oct. 7 and is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon; for more information, visit Beathard's official website.

Listen to Tucker Beathard, "Momma and Jesus":

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