With two best-selling cookbooks already on her resume, Trisha Yearwood is now taking her culinary skills to the small screen. The songstress-cookbook author debuts "Trisha's Southern Kitchen" on Food Network this Saturday (April 16). However, she assures that she won't be doing it alone.

"I kept saying, 'I don't think standing behind a kitchen counter by myself saying, "Now you add vanilla," sounds like fun,'" Trisha tells Nashville's Tennessean newspaper. "These first six episodes have my sister, my uncle, my best buddies and my nephew -- they have somebody else in them, so I'm not just standing there by myself."

Having helpers changes the vibe of the show. "Because these are all people that I know and love, it was fun," Trisha recalls. "We were goofing off in front of a camera, and some food accidentally got made. I wasn't sure how it would go, but I really had a good time."

One person who won't be in these first six episodes is Trisha's husband, Garth Brooks. Although, she does think he'll make an appearance in a second season. Family does remain the main focus of the show, though. One installment includes her dad's famous Brunswick stew, a favorite of her late mother.

"I learned to make it when my mom was sick," she explains. "When you're going through chemo, very specific things sound good to you to eat, and you might love them every day for two weeks and then never want them again. Brunswick stew was one of those things she went through that she really wanted.

"I want my sister's boys to learn how to make it, and they were very interested to learn how to make Granddaddy's Brunswick stew. I was getting ready to do that for real, and the producer said, 'Could you save that and do it for real on TV?' I said, 'Sure, that can be an episode.'"

Fans shouldn't be intimidated by the recipes, either, since the Georgia native keeps it simple.

"In a lot of interviews, I jokingly say, which is not really a joke, that the most exotic spices you'll find in the book are salt and pepper," she admits. "But I think it's more relatable because it's not that hard. I have found that putting a bunch of extra stuff in a recipe doesn't necessarily make it taste better. Sometimes, simple is best."

The first episode will air Saturday, April 14 on Food Network.

See Trisha Talk About Cooking

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