Trisha Yearwood had more than 20 years of experience in the music business before she launched her cooking show, 'Trisha's Southern Kitchen,' on the Food Network, but she says being a TV star has actually helped her singing career as well.

"I thought I was comfortable in front of audience before, but doing the cooking show has been really helpful," she tells CMT. "I don't have a script, so it's very ad lib. The recipes are the script."

The Georgia native is currently on her own Just Because Tour, in advance of her world tour with her husband, Garth Brooks, later this year, and says that she is enjoying a new freedom with her audience.

"I've realized that I like not having a script because it comes off more natural," Yearwood concedes. "I'm always talking and talking and talking, and that's really helped me in my live show. I feel like I'm a lot more comfortable onstage. Some of that might be because I'm 49, and you start to lose the filter, but it's kind of freeing to just be yourself."

Yearwood, who adds that she's had "more fun on this tour that I ever remember having," says being back on the road is a family affair.

"I was so lucky that the guys in my original band all said yes," she says. "So I'm onstage with family. There's not anybody on that stage that hasn't been in my band for at least 15 years. That was a comfort factor. We've been traveling down the road together for years."

Yearwood will continue her tour with shows in Texas and Oklahoma later this month. See her remaining concert dates here.

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