Colt Ford got a pleasant surprise while on stage while opening for Toby Keith's Shut Up and Hold On Tour.

Ford's single 'Drivin' Around Song' featuring Jason Aldean has been certified gold by the RIAA, and Keith surprised his opening act on stage in Camden, N.J., with the official plaque.

The single comes off of Ford's album 'Declaration of Independence,' which was released in August of 2013. The album is the fourth release from the country rapper, who says he went into the recording process wanting only to please himself musically.

“I think it’s the best record I’ve ever made, to be honest with you,” Ford says. “On the first record, when I didn’t know any rules or anything, I just made the songs I wanted to make. Now there are about seven or eight songs I have to play live every night, or [fans will] be mad at me, so with the last two records, I was trying to please a lot of different people. For this record, I kind of went back to that first one. I tried to make the best, most honest-sounding record I could make with not one single song sounding like the next, and I think I did that.”

'Declaration of Independence' is available on iTunes and Amazon.