Toby Keith is revealing the lyric video for his newest single, "A Few More Cowboys," exclusively with The Boot. Featuring powerful imagery hearkening back to the days of the wild West, the lyric video makes a strong statement of Keith's vision for America.

Just like the song, the "A Few More Cowboys" lyric video is simple and straightforward: The song's lyrics appear in bold lettering over vast mountains, silhouettes of cowboys on horseback and playful elements superimposed on top of classic American imagery. "There'd be a bunch more daddies sons could be proud of," Keith sings as the Mount Rushmore carvings of presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson sport police caps and firefighter hats, while the line "If they’d let us smoke what we want, we’d have a lot less cancer" plays over a Statue of Liberty wearing sunglasses and flashing a peace sign.

The "A Few More Cowboys" lyric video is fun, but it also displays the song's message well. This is the country that Keith imagines when he envisions a better America -- more straight answers, less politics, half the crime and twice the fun! Readers can press play above to see the clip.

"A Few More Cowboys" is Keith's first single since 2015's "Beautiful Stranger" and reveals that the singer has new music in the works. Keith is currently finishing up his Interstates & Tailgates Tour, which kept him on the road for much of the summer of 2016.

"A Few More Cowboys" is available for download on iTunes.

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