Toby Keith's new single has an important message: In "A Few More Cowboys," the singer makes a countrified call for simplicity and love in trying times.

Written by Keith, Bobby Pinson and Dean Dillon, "A Few More Cowboys" finds the artist proclaiming "This world would be a better place to live in / With a few more cowboys" because "With a few more cowboys, there'd be a lot less outlaws."

"If the White House was in Texas, man, we'd get a straighter answer / If they'd let us smoke what we want, we'd have a lot less cancer," Keith sings in the song's first verse, before noting in the chorus, "With a few more amens, be a lot less bad calls / And a few more 'yes, ma'ams,' be a lot less yes men ..."

Readers can press play below to watch Keith perform the song live in concert. The country star has been on the road since late May, performing as part of his 2016 Interstates & Tailgates Tour. Dates are scheduled through mid-October; a complete list of upcoming shows is available on Keith's official website.

Keith released his newest album, 35 MPH Town, in October, but the arrival of "A Few More Cowboys" seems to indicate that he's already got new music in the works. The album spawned three singles: "Drunk Americans," its title track and, most recently, "Beautiful Stranger."

"A Few More Cowboys" is now available on iTunes.

Listen to Toby Keith, "A Few More Cowboys":

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