Toby Keith, hitmaker of such songs like 'Red Solo Cup,' 'Who's Your Daddy' and 'Made in America,' is releasing a new album, '35 MPH Town,' which he announced on Oct. 14.

With more than 40 million records sold worldwide, Keith is a fan favorite country star, and this forthcoming disc is highly anticipated by all who love the 53-year-old singer. His last studio album, 'Drinks After Work,' held nine tracks that he wrote or co-wrote and spawned two singles, 'Drinks After Work' and 'Shut Up and Hold On.'

The announcement of Keith's new project was eagerly received by fans, and although details have been closely guarded, this is what we know so far about the album.

The Title

Keith's new album is titled '35 MPH Town,' and it's his 18th record.

The Release Date

'35 MPH Town' is set for release Oct. 9, 2015. It is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

The Album Cover

Playing off its title, 35 MPH Town's album cover features a speed limit sign. Keith's name appears where the words "Speed Limit" would usually be, and "Town" is scrawled in a font that makes it look as though it was spray-painted onto the sign.

The Record Label

It's most likely that '35 MPH Town' will be released on Show Dog-Universal, Keith's label that he founded in 2005 (originally called Show Dog Nashville). It merged with Scott Borchetta's Universal South in December 2009. Keith's daughter Krystal Keith is also signed to the label.

The Songs

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" could be Keith's musical mantra. He says fans can expect more of the same from his new project.

“I mean, on the skeleton part of the business side, you may have to do it different, the more digital it gets,” Keith says. “But it’s not gonna change anything about the way we get to the product or getting it out. They may deliver it differently, but as far as manufacturing and getting it to an album, nothing will change there.”

On Sept. 10, on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Keith debuted "Rum Is the Reason," a tropical-sounding tune with lyrics like, “I ain’t gettin’ much done, but I’m havin’ fun / Sailing on the deep blue sea / My whole body goes numb from a bottle of dark rum / And the sun sinkin’ down on me / Yeah, my catch of the day is tall Cuba libra … Rum is the reason pirates never ruled the world.”

Toby Keith, 35 MPH Town Track Listing:

1. "Drunk Americans"
2. "Good Gets Here"
3. "35 MPH Town"
4. "Rum Is the Reason"
5. "What She Left Behind"
6. "10 Foot Pole"
7. "Haggard, Hank & Her"
8. "Sailboat for Sale"
9. "Every Time I Drink I Fall in Love"
10. "Beautiful Stranger"

The Singles

The lead single from the project, 'Drunk Americans,' was penned by Brandy Clark, Bob DiPiero and Shane McAnally. Keith says the finished product is what would happen if past hits 'I Love This Bar' and 'American Ride' had a child.

"'Beers Ago' is their drunk uncle,” he adds.

'Drunk Americans' saw instant success, becoming the most-added song at country radio -- and Keith actually passed on the song two years ago. Fans should keep in mind that it's not a drinking song at its core; it's an inclusive American song.

"We wanted to write it sort of like a modern day 'Piano Man,'" says Clark. "It's like, 'When we're in here drinking, who cares what we are outside of this?'"

Keith's second single off of '35 MPH Town,' the album's title track, was released in April. The singer penned the song with Bobby Pinson, and it's a no-holds-barred message about the singer’s take on the current state of affairs in much of the country.

The #DrunkAmericans Challenge

To celebrate the song’s release, fans can enter Keith’s #DrunkAmericans challenge to win some pretty spectacular prizes. All they need to do is share a tailgating photo on Instagram and tweet their favorite lyric from the song. The prizes prizes include a custom beer pong table, cornhole boards, Yeti cooler and tailgating tent.

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