The Time Jumpers are pulling out all the stops for their new self-titled album. The CD, released last month, features Vince Gill among the group's 11 members playing the unique brand of western swing that's been their trademark since first forming in 1998. Now the band has filmed a video for the album's "On the Outskirts of Town," employing one of TV's most well-known actresses to star in the clip.

"Grey's Anatomy" star Chyler Leigh, has been tapped to play a prominent role in the video. The actress, who sports a pixie cut instead of the long tresses she wore as Lexie Grey on the Emmy-winning series, makes several appearances in an excerpt from the video, which can be seen here. According to the band's website, more clips from the video will be available in the upcoming weeks.

The Time Jumpers recently moved from Nashville's tiny Station Inn, where they had been playing since 1998, to a larger club, 3rd and Lindsley, to accommodate the band's growing fan base. Still, in spite of their increasing fame, the outfit's most high-profile member says the weekly gigs are still reminiscent of when he was just starting his music career.

"We split up the money after the gig behind the amps, just like the old days," Vince tells Portland's Press Herald. "I like to joke, 'It's the only time I play in Nashville where I get paid.' Every other gig is a benefit."

"I just love playing music," he adds. "I don't know why some people have to think that if they do well they can't be what they used to be. I like being what I used to be."

Get a free download of "On the Outskirts of Town" here, and keep track of the Tim Jumpers upcoming gigs here.

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