Tim McGraw has racked up quite a few awards and achievements over the course of his career, but one of the things he thinks is pretty great is the fact that he's the subject of his own country song, thanks to a teenage upstart named Taylor Swift, who went on to become a mega-star in her own right. Tim wasn't sure at first what to make of becoming the subject of teen angst in a song, but admits he was just glad someone in Taylor's age range knew his music!

"I didn't know if I should feel honored, or just old," Tim tells the Raleigh News & Observer. "But I found out she was about 14 and in math class when she wrote that, which made me feel better. She was pretty nervous when we first met, but it was fine. I told her I appreciated it. It's cool to have a song written about you, especially by a teenager. I didn't think any teenagers even knew who I was."

Turning to the subject of his burgeoning film career, Tim says he finds a common thread between singing and acting, since both involve creating a character. He says he draws from the same place for both. "I do think singing and acting help each other. Expression is expression and art is art. I do movies and find that other part of myself, which helps me with music. Singing and acting are kissin' cousins, at least. In both cases, you're trying to create empathy more than anything. In the studio singing a song, I'm in the dark in this little room off to myself, and each song is a mini-movie. You could take any country song - just about any song of any kind, really - and make a two-hour movie out of it. So in that moment of singing, you're trying to create a character that people will want to walk through the song with to see what happens. Same with a movie. Whether you're the good guy, the bad guy or just a guy, you're trying to get people interested in what happens and the end result."

Tim's latest film, 'Country Strong,' is due in theaters on December 22.

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