'Country Strong' spawned a chart-topping soundtrack with songs by everyone from the film's stars, Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw, to Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Sara Evans and several other Nashville celebs. One track on the compilation has the priceless distinction of being Oscar-nominated -- the song, 'Coming Home,' recorded by Gwyneth and written by Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey and Troy Verges (pictured left). The Boot has an exclusive music video of the three famed tunesmiths performing the tune. (Watch it below.)

Hillary takes the microphone for this special clip, a suggestion she got from Gwyneth herself when they first met. "She was so incredibly nice, so sweet," Hillary tells The Boot. "I was invited to come to the set one day when they were filming. She was like, 'You're Hillary!' She gave me a big hug and was like, 'Why haven't you made a record?' And I said, 'It's about three bottles of wine and a long story.' She started laughing and said, 'Well, you should make one. I want to sing backup for you!' I was like, 'Oh, my God!'"


'Coming Home' lost the Best Original Song trophy to Randy Newman's 'We Belong Together' from 'Toy Story 3,' but just the nomination was more than the writers ever expected.

"It wasn't even in the realm of possibility," Troy says. "I watched the Oscars as a kid, but I never thought I'd be nominated. We're always trying to find a way to be involved with films, though, because we love movies so much."

"Sometimes we'll write a song and think, 'This is the one that's given us chills. It's a movie song!'" Hillary adds. "Not even that we're going to try and get it in a movie, but it's that thing that feels like a movie song.'"

"It's that magic that happens with the film and the music together," Troy continues. "It pumps the song up so much and vice-versa."

The 'Country Strong' DVD, which includes an extended performance of 'Shake That Thang,' and the official music videos for Gwyneth's 'Country Strong' and Sara Evans' 'A Little Bit Stronger,' was released Tuesday (April 12).