Gwyneth Paltrow is a woman of many talents -- she is an Oscar-winning actress, a wife, a mother, a singer and a great cook. In fact, she has turned one of her favorite hobbies -- cooking -- into a book, which was influenced by her late father, producer Bruce Paltrow.

'My Father's Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family and Togetherness,' in stores April 13, is filled with more than 150 recipes, as well as photos of the glamorous star at home with her family and friends.

Gwyneth wrote the project out of love for her father and their times together. "The cookbook is, in a way, about my father," Gwyneth tells The Boot. "It's about how we found this love of cooking together and about his sort of bringing our family together and to look for joy, like having a great glass of wine or a great meal with the people you love. That was sort of the impetus to write the cookbook. Between that and everything else, I think my plate's full right now."

So, what exactly were the qualities he taught Gwyneth and her brother that she would like to pass on to her own children, Apple and Moses? "He was very demonstrative in his love and support of us, and I felt so well seen by him and so understood, and he helped us understand who we were and who we wanted to be," she explains. "I think it was because the quality of his time with us was so good. He was so present with us, and so engaged, and that's what I would really like to pass on [to my children]. He gave us a feeling of self-worth because he treated us with adoration and respect and humor, even when we were little. He talked to us like adults. He was an incredible man and father, and I hope I can instill in my kids what he instilled in me."

She previously contributed to Mario Batali's cookbook, 'Spain ... A Culinary Road Trip,' which featured the two on an eating tour throughout Spain.

Gwyneth currently appears as fallen country superstar Kelly Canter in the film 'Country Strong,' alongside Tim McGraw. It arrived in theaters Friday (January 7).

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